Your trusted partner

Partnering with organisations of all sizes, I work closely with them to improve the impact of their communications in ways that are meaningful and measurable.

My role is to provide creative strategy and professionally crafted copy for communications ranging from social media posts to large campaigns, including:

Woman weaving colour threads on loom


  • Web copywriting 
  • Landing pages
  • Direct mail
  • Blogs
  • Content campaigns
  • Social media
  • Video scripts and direction
  • Internal communication hubs


  • Direct mail
  • Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Leaflets and information for potential donors, members and volunteers

Creating value, sharing profit

I’m often asked what my charges are. Every job I do is different, so it’s hard to provide a list of prices. What I can say is that I bear in mind the organisation with whom I am partnering and charge appropriately, while also ensuring I can cover my overheads and provide myself with a modest salary. Don’t let concerns about cost put you off. If in doubt, just get in touch!

Ministry of Writing operates as a non-profit. That means each year I donate to good causes any money exceeding that needed for salaries and overheads.

Interested in partnering on your project?