Creating powerful and effective communications

Hello, I’m Lisa Caldwell.

I use my writing skills and experience to help others — people, animals and causes (I know, that’s a bit Miss World isn’t it?)

But there is a reason I do this kind of work. It goes something like this…

If I give money to a charity or non-profit I can certainly help people. But my funds are, of course, limited, and that limits the number of people I can impact.

If I give time and volunteer I can probably make a difference directly tomore people. But the few opportunities I have to do that limits how many lives I can change.

But, if I give my talents as a writer to good causes…wow, the number of lives I can improve increases exponentially. My copywriting can bring in more funds than I could ever offer, and encourage more volunteer hours than I have time to give.

This is my mission

It is my mission to create powerful and effective communications that inspire people to give generously of their own resources — time, money, skills, belongings — to help others.

Where you'll find me:

74 Spire Holin, Glossop,

Derbyshire, SK13 7BJ

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